The Disloyalty Card

Most of the espresso bars in NYC have loyalty cards of some variety – punch cards that after some arbitrary number of purchased beverages let you get something free from their menu.  But less common is the notion of a disloyalty card, one that rewards people who go to many different cafés around the city to buy things. It serves to highlight the amount of camaraderie that I suppose must be present amongst the coffee community; everyone is just in it for those delicious, delicious extractions and are willing to help each other out.

Today, after about six months of having nine out of the ten places listed on the card accounted for, I finally got around to revisiting one of the first high-end coffee places I ever went to, Kaffe 1668. I’ll probably discuss that place a little bit more in the future, but suffice to say it was a little nostalgic to see those absolutely crazy wooden sheep everywhere. They’re just so striking.


It’s very interesting to see the signature marks of so many places on one card. Some of these places have had pretty formative effects on my coffee-appreciating experience, so I think it’s really cool to have a tangible product representing those travels.

So, thanks guys. Here’s to several more visits in the future, and oodles of caffeine.